[…Leaves Nothing to be Desired] “Schanzenstrasse” apartment complex offers 13 different kinds of apartments within a total of 56 accommodation units. Floor plans vary between 20 and 47 m². The units are fully furnished with bed, wardrobe, desk and office chair and have a kitchenette with stove top and fridge. The bathroom is fully-equipped. A balcony or roof deck is available in the majority of apartments. All the apartments are cleverly laid out with plenty of space for living and learning. Even short-notice removals aren’t stressful: all the important connections like cable TV and internet are available and the costs are covered by the rent. The shared facilities are very convenient: a large TV room is available as well as washers and driers on every floor. Outdoor parking spaces, some of them roofed, as well as lockable double parking slots make the search for a parking space easy. The concierge is easily contacted. [Central, Lively, Popular] With its perfect location in the centre of Nuremberg “study inn” is an ideal place for young living, studying and chilling. Lots of institutes belonging to the colleges in Nuremberg, as well as Friedrich-Alexander-University are just short distances away. Supermarkets, libraries, doctors and of course Nuremberg’s old city center can be reached quickly. Wöhrder Lake and the banks of the Pegnitz river invite you to relax. Underground (U-Bahn), express train (S-Bahn) and bus leave almost from your doorstep.

traffic connections
  • (Deutsch) ab Hauptbahnhof eine Station mit der S1 bis Dürrenhof
  • (Deutsch) ab Hauptbahnhof eine Station mit der Linie 5 der Straßenbahn bis Dürrenhof
apartment types
  • Apartment with balcony, min. approx. 21 m²
  • Apartment without balcony, min. approx. 20 m²
  • Apartment with roof deck, min. approx. 23 m²
  • Double apartment, min. approx. 40 m²
Rent warm
  • with balcony: min. EUR 375 (security deposit: min. EUR 840)
  • without balcony: min. EUR 340 (security deposit: min. EUR 750)
  • with roof deck: min. EUR 435 (security deposit: min. EUR 990)
  • double apartment: min. EUR 635 (security deposit: min. EUR 1,395)